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WORLDCLASSPROMOTION specializes in Music Artiste Promotion, Band Promotion, Business Promotion & Marketing Branding Web Design Social Media Markiting and we offer you

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There are also many services that offer’s musicians and business to grow    worldclast video chart is an music Video Chart that gives independent artias a global promotion musicians can find many useful infermation .

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Another possible income stream is that of sponsorship from established brands.

This is a situation where brands are usually more interested in high-profile established artists and bands rather than low-profile bands trying to establish themselves.

The more successful an artist or band becomes the more interested brands will be.

Many of them, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks and Diesel have long been connected with music because they see it as a marketing opportunity to reach their core customers.

Some brands also provide opportunities for unsigned bands (i.e. bands without a recording agreement with a phonogram producer) but these often take the form of competitions to take part in a brand-sponsored compilation album or a live event.

Even so, when an artist is starting out it is important to take any opportunities which will result in a higher profile, and sponsored unsigned band competitions are certainly one of the ways to do that.

There are also agencies called brand entertainment consultants who represent brands and provide ideas and connections which will help to sell the brand through music. It is worth trying to contact these agencies, to make them aware of the artist’s music, and to provide them with news of the progress being made.

One of the largest is CAKE, representing brands such as travel agents Expedia. ( www.cakegroup.com ).

One way many brands use sponsorship is by sponsoring tours.

Another is Citizensound ( www.citizensound.net ) who specialise in music strategy for brands.

For example, the US band The Maroon Five’s tour was sponsored by Honda Cars.

Established artists have to think carefully before attaching themselves to a brand which may not fit in either with their style or their ethical views.

Another way for an artist to save money on equipment is to approach musical instrument and equipment manufacturers and suppliers to see if they would be interested in sponsorship.

In the early stages this may only mean that the artist is able to purchase instruments and equipment at wholesale prices rather than retail price.

As the artist becomes better known this may be extended to the loan of equipment free of charge.

It may also be that the manufacturers or suppliers want to publish photographs of the artist in their magazine or in advertisements.

They may also expect the artist to provide feedback and reviews of their latest products.

Some brands may want the artist to sign a sponsorship agreement for two or three years, whereas it could just be a one-off arrangement for a tour or some specific event.



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World Clast Promotion specializes in Music Artiste Promotion, Band Promotion, Business Promotion & Marketing Branding Web Development Social Media. There are also many services that offer music for business as a subscription, the new Artiste Video Chart is an online music chart for independent musicians. Advice for music artistes in Jamaica and the Caribbean alike in achieving global recognition through World Clast Promotion. When World Clast Promotion launches a new product, We promote and market that product to the right place for your business. World Clast Promotion has opened up endless possibilities to promote your Business. So reaching out to us and pitching your products might provide you success.

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